My name is Jake Lapham, and I am 23 years old based in Wollongong, NSW. I study Law and Journalism at the University of Wollongong, and pursue freelance photography part time. My photography work spans three broad areas. One is events and live music. This covers everything from music festivals to birthday parties and nightclubs. This requires me to be approachable and outgoing, whilst also being able to work in a variety of conditions. Maintaining a relationship of trust with my subject is critical. I’ve also been lucky enough to travel interstate with clients such as Unknown Records.

I’m also vastly experienced in wedding and christening photography. These occasions share a lot in common; both require a subtle, intricate and focused approach to photography. I strongly believe that capturing the emotion of these moments is what makes my images as special as the occasions they depict.

I’ve also be commissioned on many occasions for commercial photography. Commercial photography through its nature is an extremely broad genre. I address this by approaching each brief with the same goal; what does the client want? This approach has seen my photography diversify into everything from food, to clothing, to sports and corporate headshots.

I first picked up a camera at 14 year of age. Through the unwavering trust, loyalty and appreciation shown by my client’s, I’ve been lucky enough channel my inherent passion for photography into something of a career. However I always remind myself to never lose my personal love for photography. Landscape (and travel) photography has always been an obsession of mine. In my spare time I continue to travel, capture sunrises, people, cultures and emotions. Just for fun.