Emotion is what drives our photography. We believe that the emotion of the moment in front of our lens is something deeply special. Our purpose behind capturing this is to ensure that moment will last a lifetime. That it will endure. Our photography aims to make the emotion our subject feels, translate into the photography we produce.

Another touchstone of our photography is capturing the small details. Things like a jewel on a cake, the lace on a bride’s dress, the texture of the bow tie or the glint in a father’s eye when he walks his daughter down the aisle. These are all little things, that in context, paint a vivid and intricate picture of our subject. We don’t let these things go unnoticed.

Fundamental to capturing the raw emotion in our subject’s is making them feel at ease in front of our lens. We make an effort to get to know people we shoot, not as a client, but as a friend. At an event or birthday party, this means being approachable, outgoing and flexible. At a wedding or christening this means being affable, easy going and relaxed. These social skills are just as important to our photography as the ability to capture a technically perfect image.

It’s also important to ensure our style of photography aligns with your photographic vision for your wedding day. Vibrant and warm colours typify our style. A humble, subtle fade is also noticeable that give a soft and nostalgic feel to the images. We’re also not afraid to experiment with black and white, when appropriate.

We’re also a big believer in not detracting from the occasion. There’s nothing worse than a photographer ruining the moment  for all the guests with obnoxious shutter sounds. We’re there to add value, not take it. In saying this, we believe the quality of the picture is directly proportionate to the effort put into capturing it. Climbing trees, laying on the ground, using a ladder and thinking outside the box are often necessary to capture certain moments.